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The Romano Mortgage Group in Hamilton works for you to deliver the best mortgage rates possible. Save thousands of dollars on your mortgage simply by talking to us.
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About the Romano Mortgage Group

I have been extremely selective in seeking out and choosing the highest caliber of Mortgage Professionals with a wide variety of Real Estate and Mortgage experience.

We form a dynamic team with a superior level of commitment and skills in various backgrounds that enable us to provide an unparalleled level of customer service in the Hamilton area’s mortgage and home financing industry.

We cater our mortgage services to a diverse range of clients and cultural heritages. Our team members have the ability to communicate in English, Italian, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Hindi.

Phil Romano, CPMB

Mr. Phil Romano

There's Many Ways the Romano Mortgage Group Can Help:

One of Hamilton's Most Experienced Mortgage Brokers is on your Side

first mortgage in Hamilton

First Mortgages

Are you a first time home buyer and need help deciding on a mortgage? Learn more about how to navigate and overcome one of life’s biggest decisions.

Second Mortgages Hamilton

Second Mortgages

Interested in taking out a second mortgage? Learn how to tap into the value of your home to access funds for a variety of needs.



Refinancing is a great way to get a fresh start on your mortgage. Perhaps we can find you a better rate and roll some outstanding debts into the balance.

Reverse Mortgage Hamilton

Reverse Mortgages

Seniors can enjoy the benefit of a reverse mortgage if they need funds and have a reliable asset from which to draw value such as a home or secondary residence.

Hamilton's Best Mortgage Rates and Options

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There’s a lot to learn about financing a home in Hamilton!

We all want the lowest interest rate for our mortgage, but often times, there are other factors to consider that may have a greater effect on how quickly you pay down your mortgage. Talk to us to see what we can do to make your mortgage payments lower, and perhaps put you on the fast track to owning your home in LESS time.

Consider all of the components of a mortgage, such as:

  • Interest rate
  • Term
  • Type
  • Amortization
  • Payment frequency
  • Taxes
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